Creating Multiple Feeds for Multiple Criteria

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There may be situations where you wish to feed data into CiviCRM conditionally.

We discussed one such scenario in the  Gravity Forms Integration—Step 2: Setting Up a Contact Feed article

Contact Feed: “OR” Opt-in Logic

However, setting up this conditionality on the Contact Feed limits the logic you can use to only “or”  functionality. In other words, the feed can only be run on one condition because only one contact feed can be run per contact signup. So, you could say, run this feed to group “Volunteers” if Volunteers option is selected on form. Or you could say, enter this contact to group “Newsletter Signup” if Newsletter Signup is selected on the form. Or you could say,  enter this contact to groups “Volunteer and Newsletter Signup” if both are selected. 

But you see that this gets out of hand after awhile. You would have to be creating 24 individual feeds for all the combinations of possibilities for only a 4-option form!

Activity Feed: “And” Opt-in Logic

On the other hand, since multiple activity feeds can be run on a single contact, we, in effect, have an “and” condition allowed here. So we can set up one feed for each of 4 options – Volunteer, one for Newsletter, one for Email, and one for Text. If a contact selects all options, all four feeds run, and the contact is added to all 4 activities. 

Here’s a few screenshots to show how this plays out.

1. Always create a contact feed before creating any activity feeds.

2. Set up one activity feed for each option on your form.

a. Make sure the Activity Type matches the condition. (I also named each feed to match.)

b. Set the opt-in condition to match the Activity Type.

3. Now as many or as few options as are selected can be added to the contact’s record.