Gravity Forms Integration—Step 2: Setting Up a Contact Feed

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Once you have a form set up on your site, you’ll want to create a CiviCRM “Contact” feed to get your contacts’ data back into CiviCRM.

(Note: This feed is just collecting the contact info. You’ll create another feed for the message portion, which will turn into an Activity in CiviCRM.)

1. Open up your form and go to Settings Menu > CiviCRM Add-on.

2. Click  Add New. Then give your feed a name and select which type of feed it is (Contact, in this case). Additional fields will be generated at this point, based on the feed type you chose.

3. Choose your contact SubType, map the required fields, and then start choosing which other fields from your form you want mapped to this contact’s record.

(Note: The CiviCRM fields are displayed in a dropdown on the left, while the Gravity Form fields are displayed on the right. (I find it easiest to choose the field from the right side first; then find the field on the left.)

4. Decide if you want these contacts added to particular Group(s) or Tag(s).

5. Notice at the bottom of the feed fields shown above, there is a gray button to Add Contact. If you followed our tutorial on setting up a Gravity Forms contact form, you’ll remember that we set up a form for a parent and child’s information. For a situation like that, we can use this “Add Contact” feature. Along with this option come a couple of other neat features:

a. Choosing the relationship that Contact 1 bears upon Contact 2. (In this example, Contact 1 is the Parent of Contact 2.)

b. And choosing whether certain conditions must be met before form submissions can be exported into CiviCRM.

6. The Opt-in Condition is very handy for further segmenting your data. For instance, if we wanted to have all the Camp Kids signups that are girls go into a Summer Camp Girls group, we could set up 2 contact feeds. One would be as above but also select a Summer Camp Girls group. Then deploy the Opt-in Condition so that only those forms with Gender marked “Female” would be recognized by this feed. And then create a second Contact feed with an Opt-in Condition for Gender marked “Male” to go to a Summer Camp Boys group.

7. Go ahead and Update your feed settings, and you’re done here!

As I mentioned earlier, this feed is just for the Contact information. You’ll  create an Activity feed next  so that the message portion of the form can be imported into CiviCRM as an Activity.