Gravity Forms Integration—Step 3: Setting Up an Activity Feed

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As we mentioned in the article on  Setting up a Contact Feed, you want to set up an Activity Feed to take the message part of your contact form and create an Activity on the Primary Contact in CiviCRM. 

(Note: If there is more than one contact per form, the activity will default to the first contact in the feed.)

Here’s how.

1. From your form, go to Settings > CiviCRM Add-on > Add New

2. a. Give your feed a name.

b. Select Activity as the Record Type.

c. Choose what sort of activity you want this to be added as. (We chose “Contact Form Submission” here, since that’s where this is coming from, but you might want to follow up with a phone call or set up and interview, etc., whenever a particular form is filled out on your site.)

d. Set up a status and priority, if you wish.

e. Map the CiviCRM field to your contact form message field. (If you want to map other fields as well, click the plus sign.)

3. There’s a couple more options you might find super handy, so I’ll mention them here. 

a. First, the Details field. This allows you to create a specific message along with the activity that is generated, using hot buttons. Select the fields you want automated from the little drop down list on the upper right.

b. And second, the Opt-in Condition feature.

For the form we created above, I’m not sure there’s a good reason to use this. If you’re interested in finding out more about its usage, please see the last section of the article on setting up Contact Feeds.