I just installed your GravityForms plugin and got the following message:

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Hi there,

I have just purchased the CiviVIP gravity forms plugin and tried to install.

I am getting the following message:

Please INSTALL & ACTIVATE following dependent plugins before activating Gravity Forms CiviCRM

1) Gravity Forms

2) CiviCRM

CiviCRM plugin is already installed.

Do I need to also purchase the generic Gravity Forms plugin for your CiviVIP/GravityForms plugin to work?


VIP Customer 

Hi VIP Customer,

Thanks for reaching out! And your description of the problem is very helpful. Yes, you are right. You have 2 of the 3 items needed to make this work: CiviCRM (which you have installed), Gravity Forms (which still needs to be installed and can be gotten here), and our extension: GravityForms/CiviCRM (which you have just installed).

So, basically, we created our extension in order to feed the contact information from Gravity Forms’ front end signup forms into your CiviCRM database. The reason we felt this was important is because we found that many of our CiviCRM clients were also using the Gravity Forms plugin to create the signup forms on the front end of their sites. And the only way they could capture those contact signups was to export from Gravity forms and import into the CiviCRM database. This is tedious at best. So we chose to create an automated feed.

Please feel free to reach out at any time. We work with many, many CiviCRM users from around the world, and we understand that there is a learning curve involved.

All the best!