What Does the Gravity Forms Integration Do?

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First, a few advantages of integrating Gravity Forms rather than using the default CiviCRM elements.

The Gravity Forms to CiviCRM integration does not require you to configure any profiles or field groups in CiviCRM, as you would for the default CiviCRM front end elements in WordPress. 

The Gravity Forms to CiviCRM integration allows you to process multiple feeds per form, bypassing the default limitations you face with CiviCRM profiles. (As an example: you could process a feed to create a contact followed by a feed to create an activity, all on the same form.)

The integration also allows you to create multiple contacts per form as well as contact relationships between the multiple contacts—such as “Parent/Child” relationships or “Employer/Employee” relationships.

Second, an overview of how the integration works.

The Gravity Forms add-on for CiviCRM supports two types of feeds—one for  Contacts data and the other for Activities data.

The following giphy gives you a quick visual of a simple form and feed.